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We are excited about the progress of our school and child development center, and we look forward to giving more children personal opportunities to learn as we connect them and their families with gifted teachers. We are here to assist the home and the church in teaching young people the Word of God and the skills necessary to live a productive Christian life. Our vision is to continue growing and adding more programs and activities to assist in this process. We look forward to serving you and developing the next generation of leaders. Check us out, and discover the advantages of a Christian education!

Our Philosophy

We believe a proper education begins with a clear understanding of God and His Word. Proverbs 1:7 states, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Because “all truth is God’s truth,” it is important for us to teach not only the truths contained in God’s Word, but also the truth revealed in His creation. The Bible serves as the integrating factor through which all other subject matter is correlated and arranged. Every subject is taught in light of Biblical truth because God’s Word is the final authority.

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A life and world-changing experience like no other

Engaging Classes

Our classrooms are the places where we have an opportunity to implement positive changes in the lives of our students. All of our teachers are equipped to teach the three R's--Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmatic--but they also seek to reach the heart, not just the head. Building relationships, developing character, and challenging students to aspire academically and in life is what goes on every day.

On Campus

Our eight-acre campus is conveniently located just south of Interstate 12, across from the Juban Crossing Shopping Center. We occupy three modern buildings, including areas of the educational and meeting spaces of Open Door Baptist Church.

Aspiring Students

Our students participate in annual standardized testing using the Stanford Achievement Test. According to the national averages, our students test one to two grade levels above their present grades--some are testing three and four grade levels ahead, and many in our junior and senior high are testing at post-high school levels.

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Aspects of daily and annual activities at SCA

The importance of chapel in a child's education

... At Southland Christian Academy we desire to partner with you in teaching your child Biblical truth that will transform their life.  Our chapel services are designed to accomplish a specific set of things...


Standardized Academic Testing at SCA

SCA students participate in taking standardized tests each year. We use the SAT, or Stanford Achievement Test, which was originally developed over 80 years ago. Standardized tests help us to know how individual students and grades are performing compared to other students in classrooms across the United States. Standardized testing also helps us to evaluate our curricula, methods, and teachers, so we can make improvements to our school programs.

SCA Philosophy... Why SCA?

Southland Christian Academy was established in 1968 as a ministry to partner with families to help educate their children in a Christian environment with higher educational standards.

SCA News... It's registration time!

It is that time of year to begin registering for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, and there are several criteria when looking and beginning the registration process.

Spiritual Influence... Getting ready for Easter

Open Door Baptist Church invites you to attend our Easter Celebration Service on Sunday, March 27, at 10:30.

Family and Education Help... Family & School

We're working on more helpful articles to encourage you and your family! Keep coming back to read and share with others the things you see here.

“I am excited about the visionary commitment SCA has made and the steps the school is taking to educate the next generation of young people."

Schaffer, Dennis
DENNIS SCHAFFER Pastor and Father of Two Students at SCA

“I've been privileged to serve at Southland Christian Academy for over twenty years, and I am as excited as ever to see the direction of our school and where our students are headed."

Wynn, Mike
MIKE WYNN Administrator

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