SCA Philosophy… Why SCA?

Southland Christian Academy was established in 1968 as a ministry to partner with families to help educate their children in a Christian environment with higher educational standards. Since its founding, many decisions and factors have been instrumental in growing our school into what it is today and what it will be in the future. With […]


The Importance of Chapel in a Child’s Education

  In education there must be balance to a child’s learning. Teaching a child arithmetic without teaching them English will leave that child unprepared for success in their future. You can apply that same analogy to any of the other subjects as well. We must have balance in education to help our children to elevate […]

SCA All State

Jr. High & Highschool All State Choir

Several junior high and high school students from our music department at Southland Christian Academy will have an opportunity to participate in a choir with students from other schools that are in the Association of Christian Educators of Louisiana (ACEL). The students will spend several hours learning music and rehearsing with professional music directors at […]