Academics at Southland Christian Academy

SCA's high school is an approved academic school by the State of Louisiana.

With a low student-to-teacher ratio, students at Southland have close, personal contact with qualified teachers who are prepared to instill a thorough scholastic background through the ABEKA curriculum and college preparatory classes, including instruction in French. Graduates of SCA are eligible to receive TOPS scholarships if they meet ACT and GPA requirements. Private music lessons are also offered.



Our program is designed for children to have fun while learning. Children are grouped in classes according to their age and abilities. The small teacher/student ratios contribute to a loving and caring classroom atmosphere. This program uses A Beka curriculum. Other resources are also used to enhance each child's learning experience.

Each day begins with Bible time. The alphabet is taught using phonetic sounds to prepare for reading. Number recognition and other math concepts such as counting are taught as well.

All preschool teachers and support staff are qualified, caring Christians. Teachers and helpers meet or exceed State requirements for childcare workers. Our staff is fully trained in the areas of first aid and CPR in order to provide peace-of-mind for parents. Teachers attend training sessions to provide the highest level of care.


K5-6th Grade

SCA’s  Elementary department serves children in kindergarten through grade six. The curriculum is designed to provide a Biblically-centered, challenging program taught in an age-appropriate manner. Consideration is given to the development and nurture of the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

The elementary school at Southland Christian Academy is filled with warm and caring, Christian educators whose responsibility it is to integrate a Biblically-based education into the lives of our students. The core subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic are rounded out with lessons in science, history, health, and Bible.

Classroom experiences are supplemented by a variety of teaching aids, including hands-on activities, special reports, and field trips. Grade appropriate Bible stories/studies, scripture memorization, and prayer are a part of every classroom schedule. All students attend chapel periodically.


7th-8th Grade

Junior high students study Bible, math, science, history, literature, grammar, computer technology, geography, and physical education. Our teachers challenge students to develop critical thinking and logical habits of mind. Our challenging curriculum is committed to the success of every student as we strive to prepare each student for high school.

Our methods vary, capitalizing on the individual strengths and interests of each faculty member. Instruction is personalized, classes are small, and our expectation is that every student will succeed.

Our school values reinforce integrity and personal responsibility. Our classrooms are safe places for students to ask questions, make mistakes, and explore ideas. Our environment is nurturing and seeks to provide a challenging and engaging education.

Teachers use a variety of methods to assess student work and learning. Formal reporting of grades, written academic reports, and parent conferences keep students and their families informed about progress and prognosis.

Our middle school offers students many routes to success. A Bible-based challenging curriculum, small classes, nurturing dedicated teachers, and a strong emphasis on character development make Southland Christian Academy a fulfilling experience.


9th-12th Grade

The primary academic purpose of the high school is to prepare students for life and to go on to college, although we recognize that not all students will pursue higher education. The freshman to senior years are planned to help families round out the preparation of their children for their first years as productive and successful young adults. Our desire is that candidates for graduation will be more than adequately prepared for life as they step out to serve their families, churches, and employers.